Everett Recovery Cafe
2212 Broadway, Everett, WA
· Tuesday - Saturday: 12:00pm - 4:00pm

We are moving to a new home!

On the first day of spring this year, the Café turned 3 years old. We love this 100-year-old house with the cherry red door. We have loved greeting people as they walk in the alley past our bench in the back. We’ve made friends here in this beloved neighborhood!

We turn to the next right thing, and that is a bigger space for our people. We’re planning to move in the fall, and are looking forward to more space for classrooms--and, right, please refer to the picture regarding our need for an office for Miss Sarah!

With more space, we can develop and expand our whole program and be more impactful. Our goal is to meet the need in the community and invite more people into a place of healing and renewal. People are suffering, and we rise to the challenge!

The Recovery Café Network is generously offering to match $10,000. Their matching grant deadline is June 21st.

Our goal is to raise $10K by the first day of summer!

Please help if you can, with a wish or a gift.

. . . a safe place

where individuals define and pursue

their healing and recovery together